Day Experiences Throughout Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Day programs in Ohio’s national park allow students to explore ecology, natural history, and Ohio history. Programs are available for a wide age-range of students from public schools, independent and private schools, daycare centers, or preschools. All programs meet Ohio academic content standards for the recommended grades listed.

Calling All 4th Graders

The Every Kid in a Park special National Park Service initiative, gives every fourth-grader the opportunity to visit and experience national parks for free! Discover our programs here →


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Rockin’ at the Run

Recommended for grades 4-8 (Spring classes are filled)

Hike the Ledges and discover how geologic processes have shaped the land. Look for evidence of how erosion and deposition have changed the land, examine how weathering occurs and explore the rocks that make up the Ledges.


Ways of the Whittlesey

Recommended for grades 3-5 (Spring classes are filled)

Discover the culture of these and other American Indians who once inhabited this region.  Learn about their daily life by examining artifacts, practicing your hunting skills, grinding corn and sharing American Indian stories.


Low Bridge Everybody Down 

Recommended for grade 4 (Spring classes are filled)

Explore the Canal Exploration Center to learn about the history and economic importance of the Ohio & Erie Canal.  Learn about this time period as you operate a working canal lock, hike on the Towpath Trail and discover primary sources that provide narratives of life during the canal era.

Emily Schreiber

Among the Trees

Recommended for grades 2-7 (Spring classes are filled)

Search for and uncover clues about who lives in a forest.  Describe how these organisms interact with their environment.  Investigate the energy flow in this ecosystem by constructing food webs for the organisms we find.


At Water’s Edge

Recommended for grades 2-7 (Spring classes are filled)

Discover what organisms live in a pond and describe their adaptations for this aquatic habitat.  Explore animal life cycles and investigate the food webs and energy flow with the animals we find.


Really Big Rocks

Recommended for grades PreK-1 (Spring classes are filled)

Step into a wondrous place of huge rocks, evergreens, and moss.  A hike below the Ledges is always special.  How were these rocks made? Do they change?


Nobody Likes Me

Recommended for PreK-K (Spring classes are filled)

Unpopular animal characters bemoan their unfair reputation with children.  Learn the positive traits of bees, bats, earthworms, and spiders through science, craft, and music.



Changing Lands & Human Hands
2.5 hours | Free | Dec-January-All available dates have been booked for this program. 

Students will engage in Ohio’s history through hands-on stations that reveal how the state’s landscape and geology influence its human inhabitants.