Single programs are $6 per student. The Conservancy offers a limited number of scholarships for day programs. For information on scholarships, please call 330-657-2796 ext. 1100 or email your request to



Groups can book trips during spring and fall. Complete the application below, and we will be in contact!

Day Field Trip Application

The Contract

The contract is the most important form involved in scheduling a trip. Your group will not have a trip reserved until we receive this completed form. The contract will be sent to you after you have contacted us with requested dates and group numbers for your desired visit. You may provide us with this information via phone call, or e-mail. The contract contains vital details about your group. It is very important that this information is complete. The contract also contains our terms of agreement and cancellation policy. Please read these carefully.


How to Plan for Your Trip


  • Please read the contract carefully and note any corrections before returning a signed copy to us. Keep one copy for your records. Because we bill only for the number of students able to participate, you will receive an invoice after the program.  Please do not send payment in advance.
  • A few days before your program we will contact you to confirm the event.
  • For most of our programs, students are divided into groups of 10-15. Having students assigned to groups prior to your arrival will allow us to spend more time on programming. We will confirm the number of trail groups we expect to have during our confirmation phone call.
  • We require at least one adult chaperone from your organization to accompany each trail group. Please make sure the adult knows it is their role to help monitor the students to keep them engaged and safe.  We ask that their attention be with the children and personal conversations wait until after the program ends.
  • Remind your students to dress appropriately. Most programs in the park involve walking or hiking on trails.  Grass may be wet with dew and trails may be muddy.   Closed-toed shoes are important for comfort and safety. Please watch the weather forecast and prompt students on appropriate attire.  If comfortable, they will be able to give more focus to the program.
  • Please make sure you have clear directions to the program location. We will be happy to review directions during the confirmation phone call or email.


  • Ohio weather can be unpredictable. We conduct outdoor programming in all weather except heavy rain or thunderstorms. In the event of poor weather conditions, we will work with you on re-scheduling.  Please call us if you are concerned or have questions about whether to proceed.
  • If you are picnicking at the park, bring a trash bag with you so you can ‘Pack Out’ your trash. Many locations in the park do not have trash receptacles. You may choose to use this opportunity to encourage students to minimize the amount of trash they generate. Some classes have contests in which they measure the waste each group generates.  Simple recognition for this effort can be an easy way to promote a life-long habit.


  •  We ask that you fill out a brief evaluation when the program is complete. This will provide valuable feedback for us and help to improve programming in the future. The lead instructor for your program will bring the evaluation and a return envelope with them on the day of your program.