Pre-site Checklist: A Guide to Making Your Trip Successful & Manageable

2-3 Months Ahead:

3 Months Ahead:

  • Arrange a time for Environmental Education Center staff to present an orientation program to parents at your school approximately one month or more in advance.
  • Schedule an Environmental Education Center staff person for a classroom pre-site with your students for the week before your school arrives. This meeting is about 45 minutes in length. Meeting with one class at a time is ideal.
  • Begin informing parents and students about the upcoming program dates and meetings.
  • If you would like additional planning support, schedule a meeting with Amanda Schuster, our Program Manager. ( or 330-657-2796 ext. 1103)
  • Read through Resident Program Operational Policies & Guidelines.

2 Months Ahead:

  • Make all transportation arrangements. Level I and Level II programs are asked to arrive at the EEC at 9:30am on the first day. Departure time is 1:00pm on your last day.
  • Distribute hand-outs from the Program Planning Guide to students: Student Expectations, Equipment List for Students, the Dear Parent letter, Student Permission Slip and Health Form, Participant Dietary Restrictions, and the Center Overview for Parents.
  • Set a date three weeks before arrival for all health forms to be returned to you and dietary restrictions to be returned to the Environmental Education Center. Parents are asked to submit dietary information for ALL students online, and to use the paper form if access to technology is a barrier. Dietary restriction forms are needed 2 weeks prior to your arrival.
  • Sign up and confirm teacher/parent chaperones to provide adult coverage for each trail group, free time, and night time dorm supervision. Supply all chaperones with Guidelines for Dorm Supervisors and the Meal Procedures form.

4 Weeks Ahead:

  • Collect program fees and initiate a purchase order or necessary paperwork with school office for payment. The Education Center will send an invoice shortly after your visit. We prefer a single check as payment.
  • Divide students into teaching groups (consult Education Center staff for number and names of groups). Fill in group assignments sheet. Make sure all students know assignments before arrival. (Assignments can be written on name tags – trail groups & room assignments)
  • Assign students to dorm rooms.
  • If you would like a copy of your schedule before you arrive, please contact our program manager.

2 Weeks Ahead:

  • Review your health forms for special physical, medical and dietary needs, and note them on the Program Information Form. The Education Center will need the original copy of all permission slips and health forms. Please bring photocopies with you for your school’s use.
  • Mail (3675 Oak Hill Rd., Peninsula, OH 44264), fax (330-657-2058), or email ( to Amanda Schuster, Program Manager: Program Information Form, Student Information Form, Trail Group Assignments, and Dorm Room Assignments (Section 2 of the Program Planning Guide). This information can also be shared via Google; contact the Program Manager for sharing permissions.
  • Have your students and adults create name tags which include their trail group name and dorm room name. These name tags must be durable and last several days. (Wooden shapes from a craft store work great!)
  • If possible, have a meeting with all chaperones to discuss schedules and responsibilities. Make sure the chaperones have been supplied with the Guidelines for Dorm Supervisors and the Meal Procedures form.

Day of Arrival:

  • Collect and organize all medications from students and make sure to bring original copies of permission slip and health forms with you. (And copies for your staff if needed.)

Load buses – if you are using both campuses, assign students to buses based on their dorm assignment. Students should be dressed in outdoor clothing and footwear, ready for class outdoors.